Monday, January 28, 2013


I had never heard the term catfishing until a few weeks ago, with the whole Manti Teo thing. I'm pretty sure that's not how his name is spelled, but I've paid such little attention to the story I'm not really willing to take the time to look it up and figure it out.

But, even without paying it much attention, it's hard not to have heard about it. For those who have been living under a rock, catfishing means to lure someone into a relationship with a fake online persona.

SNL did a sketch this weekend, spoofing this show on MTV based on unraveling these relationships and finding the true people behind them. After seeing the sketch I set the dvr to record the show overnight last night. I watched two episodes this evening and... I am so totally hooked.

The first one I saw ended well, even though both parties weren't as they seemed from the get go, once they came clean with the truth they still wanted to pursue a relationship. The second one ended better than I expected, at least in front of the tv cameras, but not so well for either of the parties involved in the 2 year relationship. I've cut myself off for the rest of the evening but still have one more recorded episode to watch and easily five more new ones scheduled to record over the next few days.

Just when I felt like I finally had outgrown MTV, they go and suck me right back in!

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