Thursday, January 24, 2013

Speaking of Art...

In December I bought two new pieces that I love from a Baltimore area artist whose business is called Found Studio.

I ended up seeing her work back to back weekends, first in Baltimore and then in Richmond. It was the holiday giving season so I should have been making purchases for others. But nope, all for me.

My first piece was a pendant one, like these:

Mine is hanging in a high up spot in my kitchen and the photos I tried to take of it don't look so good between the bad lighting and the tricky angle, so I snagged one from the artist's Facebook page instead. The pendants themselves are actually made of fabric and the piece is kinda decoupaged or maybe it is some other artistic method that is actually nothing like decoupage, since I really don't know what I'm talking about. I just know I loved it when I saw it and still do. 

The following weekend this was the piece I fell in love with: 

This one is mixed media too - the birds are actually fabric. It's not big, I'm thinking it's 6"x12", but the colors just pop so much that it really grabs your attention. 

In addition to the mixed media pieces, Kacey also offers prints, which are awesome as well. I just personally have a huge problem with the follow through of actually putting a print in a frame and then hanging a frame on the wall, so sticking with the paintings/already mounted pieces gets me halfway to getting to enjoy the art on my wall!

I already have the purchase of another piece from Found Studio in the works, according to my roommate we needed something else to finish out a grouping she was putting together in our hallway and I said "Ok, I'll buy something." 

Based on my love of this stuff I have a feeling this third piece won't be my last!

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