Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I've been on twitter quite awhile now. 

I think I started my first account sometime in the Summer of '08. I'd go back and check the origin date, but... I deleted that account around the Fall of '09. Then there was another account, started in the Winter of '09 and a final one, in the Fall of '10. 

The reason the first one ended up being deleted was because it became a big, messy mix of work and life.  And.... I decided that was too much. I like twitter as a place to find out news and info and share info, but I also like to be able to vent. Put my frustrations 'on paper' and be able to get them out of my head. In a completely non-confrontational way. 

The solution was two accounts - one my full name, the other a locked account with no connection to my name at all. And now, two years later I feel like I'm getting what I need out of that handy little social media tool. In fact, I've gotten more than I ever expected. 

The unexpected benefit of Twitter, one I never saw coming when I first started out there, is the friendships I've made. Who would have thought that 140 characters at a time could bring people into my life that could end up meaning so much to me? 

I can't really explain how it happened, how in the whole wide Twitterverse I stumbled onto my own little slice and then built some really solid friendships. Friends I turn to for the silly and the serious, friends I've had great adventures with and hope to have many more with in the future. Friends to talk football with, friends to talk books with, friends to provide comfort when I'm feeling down and who celebrate with me when things are great. 

So my dear tweeps, and you know who you are, I heart you. And I appreciate you and what you bring to my life each day. 

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