Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hidden America

I'm  about half way through this book - Hidden America: From Coal Miners to Cowboys, an Extraordinary Exploration of The Unseen People Who Make This Country Work -  and am really really enjoying it.

The author, Jeanne Marie Laskas, spent a good bit of time traveling around the US, learning about jobs that most of us give very little thought to, but in many cases have pretty big importance in our lives. Like Coal Miners, Air Traffic Controller and Cowboys. Or people whose lives and passions are so different than many urban and suburban people can relate to - like the desire to be an NFL cheerleader, or the gun culture that is a foreign concept to urban east coasters, but is a way of life for those out West. 

I still have a few adventures to go - an oil rig, her time with the driver of an 18 wheeler and her experience at a landfill. All jobs that are pretty important to me living my life - gas for my car, goods I purchase being delivered by truck and not having to think about where trash goes after it leaves the dumpster outside my building. But all jobs I've given next to no thought to. Ever.

If you're looking for an interesting, fast paced non-fiction read that opens your eyes to some of the behind the scenes inner workings of our country, well, this is your book.

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