Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog-A-Day Dilemma

Sometimes I think I'm nuts for trying to do a post a day in January.

On days like today you are certainly getting quantity over quality.

Or so I thought.

While watching the local news I was sitting here trying to decide what in the world to write about tonight. And then Jim Vance was doing a story about the Boeing Dreamliner and after hearing that what popped into my head was this:

Oh yeah, you know you want to sing along with this one. 

** Dream on... dream away.... I think I'm gonna have to stay... ** 

I wondered what ever happened to good ole Color Me Badd so I turned to the all knowing google and discovered that had I vacationed in Australia in December I could have seen them. Along with other artists from the 90's that I've never heard of (Soul for Real? John B? Shai? Anyone? Anyone?) And, that they were sorta discovered by Jon Bon Jovi when he went to see a double feature at a movie theater in Oklahoma. And, that we could be blessed with more beautiful music - oh yes! Because, their "final (as of now) single" came out in 1998. It's that "as of now" that gives us hope. 

And now, with only 21 minutes left to go on day 10 of my 31 days of posting, I feel like I've given you both quantity and quality. Cause really - that video along is quality. The added facts and your new knowledge that Color Me Badd is still harmonizing to this day, well, that's just icing on the cheesy early 90's cake!

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