Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Peer Pressure

A few weeks ago my company started bringing in a catered lunch once a week. There's a long and complicated back story as to why they are doing it, but nonetheless, I think it's silly and a waste of money. I was pretty open about my feelings about it as the rumors swirled that it was going to happen and decided I wasn't going to participate. Because I'd be a complete hypocrite if I did, and because I think it's silly and a waste of money, so I have no desire to participate.

Since it started I haven't made a big deal about it. When people asked why I wasn't going to get food the first week I told them, and then dropped it. I don't care if they eat the food, and I'm not telling them not to. I'm just not joining in, still either bringing my lunch those days or going to one of the roughly 15 options within a 3 block radius of the office to pick up lunch.

But apparently several of my coworkers are bothered by my nonparticipation. Today one came in my office and asked if this was the week I ended my strike. Um.... It's not a strike. If it were I'd be picketing the food line. Instead I was sitting at my desk doing work. She kept pushing and I finally asked if I was going to need to sing my peer pressure song from 7th grade chorus.

Oh yes, that opened up quite the can of worms, of course resulting in me (sorta) singing the song. I don't remember the whole thing, just the first verse and the chorus.

I tried to find it online, but I can't, so no YouTube clip for you, just the (inspiring) lyrics will have to do:

(Imagine finger snapping, kinda like the Sharks & the Jets)

Everybody does it, it's the thing to do
It's exciting, it's delighting, it's completely new
You'll love the funny feelings that it
takes you through
I tell you everybody does it,
So why not you?

I'm not gonna do it!
do da da do do do
That's all there is to it
do da da do do do
Whose to say you're right and I'm wrong?
I'm not
going along

It's great, huh? And it works!

Well, at least it made my coworker laugh so hard she forgot to bug me about the stupid lunch thing, so I'll consider that a success.

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