Friday, January 11, 2013

Fluffy Favorites

There's a fine line between general fiction and chick lit, and an even finer line between chick lit and fluff.

Just because a book is written by a female author and features young, female characters does not automatically make it chick lit. And, just because something is chick lit, it doesn't automatically mean it's fluff.

Fluff is light, mindless, generally you know how it will end before you begin, but you also know you'll get some good laughs in along the way and read a nice, happily ever after story.

What I'm saying here is this list is subjective. Even more subjective than my other book lists because I have to subjectively put them in the fluff category is the first place, and then decide the best of the best fluff. But with that disclaimer in mind, here are my fluffy favorites from 2012...

From Notting Hill with Love... Actually is absolutely adorable. Filled with references to all of the best RomComs ever - those in the title of course, as well as Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman and more.

In Forget About It the main character fakes amnesia to get a do-over on her less than desired life. Hilarity ensues. Cute. Fun. Fluff.

Mary Kay Andrews books are quintessential fluff. Spring Fever was the one I read this year and it was a great, quick and fun read.

Stacey Ballis is another author who writes clever, funny and engaging stories. Off the Menu was another example, complete with recipes at the back for all of the yummy sounding treats her main character whips up!

Happy Reading!

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