Friday, January 18, 2013

DC: The To Do List

Today is the four year anniversary of the first night I spent actually living inside the Beltway. (woohoo!!)

And there are still a lot of great DC sights I have not been to. What follows is the to-do list of place I want to go and things I want to do in this great metro area before I hit my five year anniversary. If any of these are appealing and you want to tag along, just let me know!

  1. Library of Congress. With as obsessed with reading as I am can you believe I've never been there? Must fix this. Soon!
  2. Eastern Market
  3. Roosevelt Island
  4. National Building Museum
  5. Embassy Tour Day - when a bunch of the Embassy's open their doors and let the general public in to look around! 
  6. Pentagon 9/11 Memorial
  7. Holocaust Museum
  8. Phillips Collection

And out course I'll be sure to blog about it as I check these places off my list!

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