Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Best Pictures

I don't see a ton of movies, and looking back over the past several years I've only seen one of the best picture nominees each year. So I'm feeling quite proud of myself that this year I've seen two!

I saw Silver Linings Playbook and Argo.

I saw Silver Linings a few weeks back and liked it, though I find it hard to describe. A friend was talking about seeing it this weekend and referred to it as a romantic comedy and I couldn't really agree with that. There is a relationship element, and there were some laughs, but it's a pretty heavy movie, with a lot of drama going on.

Speaking of drama, there's Argo. That did bring on some laughs, lots of sitting on the edge of my seat and some tears as well. I'm completely amazed it's based on a true story. Though, the interwebz say that some dramatic liberties were taken to add to the drama in the movie, as one would expect.

I doubt I'll see more of the nominees for this year's Academy Awards, especially not in advance of the show, so I can't say that either of these should be the winner, but I can say I understand why they were nominated.

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