Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Those 50 Nifty States

I have a friend who is in the midst of a move from Northern Virginia to Alberta, Canada. She has been keeping her Facebook friends updated and entertained with her family's journey - including touring the Jelly Belly Factory in WI and visiting the Jolly Green Giant statue in Minnesota.

Her posts have me feeling like I didn't make the most of my own cross country drive a few years back. My drive was from Baltimore to Southern Arizona when the Army decided that was where my cousin was going to live. I managed to mix work with my road trip, but also managed a few interesting and historical sites - The Brown versus the Board of Education Museum in Topeka, a cute zoo in the Little Apple (Manhattan, KS), a castle in Manitou Springs, Co and hot springs along the Rio Grande in Truth or Consequences, NM.

On day five of that six day trip my dad asked if I'd ever do a drive like that again. I told him that was not at all the time for that question. I needed some distance from the experience before I could answer him.

Almost three years later I'm pretty sure (but not positive) that I'd sign up for another cross country drive. Maybe not totally cross country, but I could use some strategic road trips as there are 19 more states I need to check off my list!

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