Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blame it on the pool

I'm stumped on what to write tonight, but write tonight I must.

It's a bit worrisome I'm only 6 days in to NaBloPoMo and I'm already stuck, but I'm going to blame exhaustion and hope for the best tomorrow.

After about 6 weeks off due to pool renovations I'm back to deep water aerobics two nights a week. Tonight's class was especially exhausting and as soon as I get enough words on this page to feel like I've met my commitment I'm going to pass out into a super deep sleep.

During class tonight the song Wannabe from the Spice Girls came on the stereo. Oh, how that song takes me back. My freshman year of college my roommate LOVED that song. She played it again and again and again. Singing along always and putting some extra emotion into the 'zig a zig ahh'. While I certainly could do without the song, I do love the memories it brings back.

I know in the past I've written about my quest to make new friends and how hard it can be. This summer I met someone at water aerobics and we would chat through the class, twice a week. I wanted to try and figure out how to transition that friendship beyond class, especially since there was going to be a big break in the class offerings. I ended up commenting that I'd be up for going for walks together if she and her dog ever wanted company, and it worked. In between all of my travel this fall we've met up just about once a week for a walk. Tonight she said we should still go on walks on Tuesday even though we'll see each other on Wednesdays for class. I agreed, and felt like I finally succeeded in making in a new friend. Oh, and we totally bonded over the fact that our rec center is much in need of bathing suit dryers.

Even after taking a shower I still smell like chlorine. It's disturbing me, yet I've come to accept it as my new norm just two nights back in. Next week I'll miss both classes - Veteran's Day and work travel - so I guess that gives me time to shake the smell for a bit.

And on that charming note, I think I've written enough to consider this a post. I promise a good night's sleep will help me come up with a more engaging topic for tomorrow.

I hope.

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