Saturday, November 23, 2013

In Search of a Bargain [Alternative title: Ridiculously Spoiling Other People's Kiddos]

While I'm not anti-shopping I'm not much of a shopper either... unless the circumstances are just right.

Take a great coupon/sale combo and pair it with a chance to spoil the kiddos in my life and you've found my shopping weakness.

It all started with a mailing from Carter's kids clothing store earlier in the week. A coupon just for loyal shoppers like me (eye roll) for 30% off, only good today and tomorrow. Add to that news of a new outlet mall opening 15 minutes away and special deals and sales for their grand opening weekend and you've handed me a can't miss shopping & saving opportunity!

While watching the news last night I got a bit nervous - 50,000 - 60,000 shoppers expected this weekend, 6,000 parking spots and people were parking along the highway yesterday because they couldn't get closer. Hmmm.. I thought, maybe it's not worth it.

But, I decided if I could get up and out the door early, I'd give it a shot. The mall opened at 9, so I figured if I left home around 8 I should be able to get parking, and if I got there that early and it was already packed it was not some place I wanted to be.

Luck was on my side.

At 8:08 I pulled into the lot, that was maybe 15% full at that point. As I texted my friends to check in on current sizes and clothing needs for their kiddos the parking lot continued to fill up. By 8:50 I decided to head out and went off to find the customer service office, where I knew even more coupon savings could be found.

90 minutes later I was back in my car, with four giant, heavy bags and $300 less in the bank account. (No, I did not spend all of that in Carter's. Just... a lot of it.)

In the end I bought clothes for four kiddos and 3 pairs of shoes for myself.

Had I paid retail prices for all of my purchases the grand total would have been $750, so I'm feeling like it was worth the effort. And like I've made my mother oh so very proud!

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