Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Windy City Revisited

I'm getting ready for my next trip and realized I never posted about the last one - Chicago!

It was my long overdue first trip to Chicago and I really enjoyed the city. I spent 3 days there for work, fitting in a bit of tourist time during those days, and then a day and half of touristy fun.

Before going everyone said I HAD to do the Architecture Boat Tour - and they were right. I've been fairly neutral about architecture in the past - when I go into impressive buildings I'm duly impressed, but I've never really given it much thought otherwise. But in Chicago, you really can't help but be impressed.

I don't know what it was about that city - if my awareness was just heightened, or what, but every where I looked there was another really impressive building to take in. And they were all so different! Even after taking the tour, while I do remember bits and pieces of the buildings' histories I couldn't really tell you much about one style of architecture versus another, just that you see a little bit of everything when you are walking the streets of downtown or cruising along on the Chicago River.

Just walking along the river brings up so many images from movies and tv, it was pretty cool to finally be there and see it all in person.

Here's a collection of my favorite architecture photos from my trip:

St. Michael's Church

The (What you talkin 'bout) Willis Tower
One of few remaining wooden houses in Chicago

I loved all of the drawbridges up in the air
A curved building at the curve of the river

View from my hotel room window
The only building east of Lake Shore Drive.
It's a cool clover shape. 

Chicago Skyline from the tour boat

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