Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Dangers of Reading

I was downtown today, playing tourist and got an early dinner of one of my favorite dishes - chicken laksa, at Asian Spice in Chinatown.

I stumbled on this dish about four years back and love it. At its core it's a chicken noodle soup, but in a coconut curry broth that is so so tasty. I've never seen it on a menu anywhere else, and when I've ordered things with a similar description in Thai restaurants I've been disappointed that what I receive is not at all the same.

So, I was eating dinner and reading a book on my phone.

I finished my meal, eating every last bite, and kept reading as I waited for my check.

The waitress brought it, I put my credit card in the holder and kept reading.

She returned it, telling me to take my time. I kept reading to finish a chapter.

And then I got up and left. My receipt unsigned, my credit card still in the holder.


I of course didn't realize this until I got off the metro, a mile from my house and no longer anywhere near Chinatown.

I called and the hostess just laughed and said they had it and it would be fine for me to stop in tomorrow afternoon to pick up the card & sign the receipt.

In the end not really a big deal but still... UGH.

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