Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Redundant L

Yesterday was a hectic day.

I woke up early to go for a 45 minute walk before work, as the walking challenge is still in full swing and I knew my evening was busy. Then I worked from 9-5:30, came home, changed clothes, packed up dinner and was back out the door for water aerobics, starting at 6:30.

I spent 45 minutes in neck deep water "cycling", walking, kicking and jogging myself to exhaustion. But there was no time for that! After a quick shower and wardrobe change I was back in the car, eating dinner and driving to the metro, hopping on the train and arriving at the Lincoln Theater with moments to spare before Barenaked Ladies took the stage. 

And then I forgot about the hectic pace. I forgot how tired I was. I was drawn in to the energy coming from the stage and I just sang along with a permagrin on my face and enjoyed the show. 

It's been 15 years since my first BNL concert, which was also in DC, though the two shows share few similarities in terms of venue. 

That first show was at HFStival, a huge outdoor radio station sponsored music fest at RFK stadium. BNL was just gaining mainstream popularity at that point. Stunt was released later that summer, and One Week hit the radio rotations everywhere, but that spring they were still a bit of a lesser known band, with a cult following. My friends and I were able to work our way to the front of the stage, but were in the midst of a mosh pit like mob of people on a unseasonably hot day. 

Last night's show was in a historic theater that was pretty amazing inside. Ornately decorated with great detail and seats that were actually comfortable to sit in. The crowd was mostly my age or older, and while we did jump to our feet when BNL took the stage, the environment bore zero resemblance to a mosh pit. 

The show itself though, well, that took me right back, to BNL concerts of the past. 

The energy, the smiles and laughter from the band, the improved songs inspired by their day or something seen in the theater. In this case, it was the redundant "l" in Lincoln that inspired Ed and led to a lengthy introductory tune. Towards the end of the night the band did their usual medley of pop songs - the songs themselves updated for the times - think Miley instead of Celine - but the dance moves, oh the dance moves were the exact same moves I've seen time and time again. 

And I loved it. 

There was something comforting about the show being so familiar. Yes, there were some new songs, but for the most part it was the show I've known and loved, time and again over the past 15 years. And even though I saw them alone this time, that familiarity had me thinking about the friends and family I've shared that concert experience with over the years. Some still in my life, others not. I was alone at the show, but I wasn't at the same time. 

Yesterday was a hectic day. And today I'm so tired and will be going to sleep momentarily, but that show, was so totally worth it.

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