Thursday, November 14, 2013

Comedy of Errors

I'm traveling for work this week and tonight I went to dinner with two coworkers. The company was great, my food was tasty but the evening had more than a few bumps in the road. 

There were three of us and we set off for our restaurant of choice - about 3/4 of a mile from the hotel. The walk wasn't bad at all and the weather wasn't too chilly so things seemed good. 

Until we arrived and discovered a party of 30 meant there was a 60-90 minute wait. Um.... No thanks. 

There was a pedestrian bridge near by that would lead us to a steak house some coworkers had gone to so we shifted our course. Across the parking lot, up the elevator, over the bridge and into... A dark hallway with no where to go but what looked like the exit to a museum. So in the exit we went, around some corners until a security guard took pity on us and walked us halfway to our destination. Out the door, down the walkway, in the door, past the train tracks, we finally arrived and were quickly seated. 

Our waitress was friendly and busy, but fairly attentive. The food was sloooow - another party of 30 apparently tying up the kitchen - and one of my colleagues ended up with an incredibly overlooked steak. We were offered free dessert for the wait and my colleagues meal was taken off the bill. unfortunate for her as she barely had any dinner, but her attitude was still cheerful. I paid the bill and we headed out, opting to make the return walk - maybe 1/2 a mile at this point - through the skywalk. Down a hall, up some stairs, over the road, through a hotel, up some more stairs, past an office building, around the corner, into our hotel. 

I got back to my room about three hours after I left it and promptly realized the $120 dinner receipt didn't make it back with me. 


Knowing that I needed it to get reimbursed for the meal I put my shoes back on and headed back out the door, pulling another colleague who wasn't even at dinner with me from the comfort of her hotel room to accompany me on the long and winding sky walk back. 

Tack on another 40 minutes and I am finally back in my room for the night. 

Here's hoping for a much less eventful trip home in the morning! 

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