Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Emotionally Attached

Tonight there was about a 10 minute window of time where I thought my pedometer was lost for good. I am somewhat embarrassed to say how alarming this was to me.

I've been meeting a friend to go on a walk most Tuesday evenings for a few months now. Usually I pack a change of clothes and go straight from work, but today I forgot to do that so I had to come home and change first. Yesterday was my friend's birthday and I wanted to stop and get her a cupcake on the way so I was in a bit of a rush.

I changed from my work clothes to exercise clothes, putting the pedometer back on my hip and then rushed out the door, grabbing my phone, wallet & keys. As I was heading out I remember double checking for the pedometer, and it was there.

A few minutes later when I arrived at the bakery and got out of the car I did the same automatic check to confirm I had the pedometer and... I didn't. I had only gotten a few steps from my car, so I turned back and searched the seat, the floor, between the seats, etc. I knew I needed to go home, but I decided I had to go in and get the cupcakes first.

So I tried (unsuccessfully) not to worry that I dropped the pedometer in the street and went in to get the cupcakes (totally counting my steps along the way so they could be re-added to today's total). (Obsessive much?)

The whole time I'm working through things in my head - I had looked at the Pedometer just before leaving work so I knew I was right around 6,000 steps for the day. I know roughly how many steps are in a mile for me, and I could map out our route when I got home and see how I did. I could have a new one overnighted from Amazon. I could download a pedometer app to my phone in the meantime. Every angle was covered in those minutes as I steered my car back towards home.

Of course as I turned on to my street I saw two cars driving along in the parking area in front of my building and I totally envisioned them driving right over the pedometer and crushing it to bits. I carefully parked, hopped out and started looking. Nothing on the street or under the car... I picked up the pace and headed towards the sidewalk and, there it was.

Oh sweet relief.

I know I can keep up the physical activity without the pedometer. I know it's me doing the work, not that little piece of plastic & metal, but, I've become quite attached to it over the past 6 1/2 months and I was not happy to think it was gone. It's a visual reminder that I'm meeting my goals.

So as the clock turns on another day, I can report that I walked 13,046 steps today and I'm so happy to know that!

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