Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I drove down to the beach this afternoon, with grand plans of getting my shopping done at the outlets and a few local stores and then going for a long walk on the boardwalk.

Unfortunately I ended up getting a later start than expected, the shopping took longer than I thought and worst of all - the weather was ICK!

When I checked the forecast for the beach yesterday it said it was going to be 61 degrees down here and had maybe a 30% chance of rain, MUCH different that the weather I was leaving behind inside the Beltway. But when I arrived, I realized the weather was actually pretty much exactly what I had left behind. Temps in the upper 30s, rain on and off and major wind gusts. Not exactly ideal conditions for strolling the boardwalk.

I really needed to get a walk in and since outdoors wasn't an option I decided to see if there was a gym I could use. I called the YMCA and found out they were open late and that offered one day guest passes. Yay!

So I wrapped up my shopping at 6, when the outlets and local stores were all closing for the night and headed over, pulling into the parking lot and then digging through my suitcase to find my workout clothes.

Sneakers - check!
Socks - check!
Shirt - check!
Pants.... um, pants... where. were. the. pants?!?!

All I had in my suitcase were jeans and a pair of blue snowflake flannel pj pants, neither of which were really appropriate attire for going to a fitness center. Great. I couldn't go back to the outlets for exercise pants so my options were A) skip the work out or B) go buy pants at Kmart.

I went to Kmart.

Where I actually had to do quite a bit of searching to locate a pair of sweatpants, but I left with a $8 pair of pants in hand and returned to Y, paid my $12 and spent 60 minutes on the treadmill.

Old me is completely and totally blown away by new (and improved) me!

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