Sunday, November 10, 2013

Extended 'Family'

I love how much these two love each other!

One of the results of having friends who feel more likely family is that their family ends up feeling a bit like your own as well.

Let me back up and explain. This weekend my plan for Saturday had been to head out to the Eastern Shore to visit Bug, Little Man and their parents, but then I realized they were heading my way on Sunday to visit their grandparents.

Such a ham!

So the original plan got scratched and we set a lunch date for this afternoon. We walked along and crunched some leaves, heard what Bug has been learning in school about plant life (hearing a five year old talk about chlorophyll is quite impressive), had a yummy pizza lunch, browsed in a toy store and made wishes in a huge fountain before heading to their grandparents house.

Little Man is getting big!
And then as we walked along it was totally natural that I went with them, and all of the sudden it was three hours later as I was saying my goodbyes to run some much needed errands and refusing the multiple offers to stay and join them for dinner.

I had other things I wanted to get done today - some cleaning and laundry and maybe even actually getting a head start on packing for the next trip, but hanging out with this family, who may not actually be mine, but doesn't hesitate one bit to make me feel like I'm part of theirs, well, that was a much much much better way to spend my day!

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